You will find everything here about trucking insurance. Know the ends and outs of the trucking insurance. Here truckers will be informed on what to do.

What To Do With Your Trucking Insurance?

What kind of insurance will truck drivers have to have? You most likely will need commercial auto liability insurance. You will need a professional agent experienced in trucker insurance.

A professional can let you know which is the best coverage for you. Your insurance should be covering your motor truck cargo, physical damage, damage to other driver’s property. Every situation will be different when choosing insurance. Truck insurance average yearly cost is between $8,000 to $12,000 a year. You are required by federal law to have insurance coverage.

General Liability insurance should cover the following:
· Property Damage.
· Bodily Injury.
· Personal Injury.
· Medical Payments.
· Advertising Injury.

If your truck is paid off; you still should carry physical damage insurance. Having physical damage coverage protects your items also. All truck requires at least $750,000 insurance coverage. Insurance will protect you and your vehicle. Having insurance will protect property and people from your truck. To be approved by FMCSA; you have to have at least primary trucking insurance.

You have to have insurance to be able to work. The law requires you to have it. The best thing to do is shop around for fair insurance prices. Don’t just settle for any truck insurance; get a better plan. The first thing you should do is review your trucking insurance. Make sure that the insurance information is correct in the insurance package.

What Not To Do With Your Trucking Insurance?

You should never let your trucking insurance expire. You need to keep up with your monthly insurance payments. If your policy lapses; then you will not have coverage anymore. It is vital to be able to keep your insurance payments current. If you are not insured and have an accident; it’s bad news for you. You will be responsible for the other driver’s property, and your own. You will incur legal fees and other fines. In some cases, you may even lose your driver’s license.

Getting your license back after an accident; can be quite expensive. In some cases, your vehicle may be repossessed for not having truck insurance. Not paying your insurance bill; could mean paying more in the long run. Protect yourself and others with insurance. Responsible driving means having insurance.